Sapir Academic College Israel

As Israel’s largest public college, we operate active affirmative action and scholarship programs that target students with a diverse range of needs and backgrounds.
Our mission is to provide high quality, equitable, and accessible higher education in Israel’s Southern periphery.
Sapir Academic College, established in 1998, is devoted to excellence and innovation cultivating leaders who make a difference in the south and nationwide. Located in the Western Negev, less than a mile from the Gaza border, we have 7,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, practical engineering and continuing education programs.
We seek students interested in growing intellectually, becoming entrepreneurs that generate change. Our diverse students include Jews, Bedouins, and immigrants, of which 60% are from Southern Israel. Many are the first in their families to attend college. We are very proud of the high numbers of IDF veterans that choose to study at Sapir College. Our higher-education access programs include Preparatory-Academy Programs (Mechina), Gateway to Academy: Higher Education Program for Bedouin Students, Scholarship Programs and our Student Resources & Accessibility Center.
Sapir is a student-centered college, dedicated to small classes with welcoming professors, providing the best in classroom experience. Our faculty has a reputation for excellence, delivering innovative courses, meeting the needs of a rapidly changing world, in a supportive environment.

Department of Communication

Globally, communications and media sectors are experiencing rapid and dramatic technological changes, producing new and ongoing challenges. Innovative information channels open monthly and audiences worldwide consume growing amounts of content on a variety of media platforms, inconceivable only a few years ago. In this global climate, there is growing demand for media professionals, technical experts in radio, television and digital media; journalists and reporters in radio, television, the internet and social media; and experts in marketing, advertisement, and public relations. Sapir Academic College’s Communication Department is one of the first in Israel licensed to grant a BA in Communication Studies. Specializing in both traditional and new media, the school offers an academic curriculum combined with professional workshops in: Journalism, Radio, Digital Media, Marketing Communications and PR. This variety enables our students to specialize based on their skills and personal preferences. The programs include a large number of practical training provided by the finest industry professionals from the media and advertising agencies.

Career Opportunities: Our graduates are equipped with the skills for a wide range of media industry jobs, including marketing and advertising, media consultancy and PR agencies, print and online media, radio and television channels, digital productions, website design, content management, photography and filming, and corporate communications. Many of our graduates have reached key professional positions in leading print, broadcast and internet media, as well as advertising and PR agencies.


Moti Gigi, PhD
Head of Department of Communication

Dates for the Winter School in Sderot city: 24th of January – 2nd of February 2022

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Dates: 1st of December - 15th of December 2022
Dates: 18th of July - 29th of July 2022
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