Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is a public university based in Mexico City, and one of the foremost Spanish-speaking educational institutions worldwide, performing fundamental tasks of teaching, research and culture dissemination, and offering 128 undergraduate programmes, 92 masters and doctoral programmes, 37 technical courses, and 3 high school programmes.

Moreover, UNAM’s Central University City Campus (CU) is listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), for it is unique in the convergence of modern architectural principles that pursue the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life. CU comprises many faculties, schools, libraries, research institutes, museums, an ecological reserve, and several sport facilities.

UNAM has also a longstanding tradition of providing a useful service to society, educating high standard professionals in different fields of science, engineering, the humanities, and arts; carrying out research on national and international issues; and extending knowledge and culture throughout society.

In spite of its consolidated and mature character as an institution, UNAM is continuously undergoing improvements and modernization in its facilities as well as in its academic contents and scope. These aspects, along with growing international cooperation, make UNAM an ideal venue for hosting entrepreneurs from all over the world.


The National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation (ENALLT) has the mission of developing teaching and learning of foreign and national languages, linguistics and translation studies in different modalities. ENALLT also promotes certification in different levels, high level research in theoretical and applied linguistics, and the extension of knowledge and professional development to the university community and the Mexican society.

The School comprises the most important language learning centre at UNAM, with over five decades of language-teaching tradition, and currently offers courses on 17 languages. Furthermore, ENALLT incorporates two undergraduate programmes, one in Applied Linguistics, and another one Translation; a Language-Culture Teachers Training Course, an Online Applied Linguistics Course for Teachers, as well as Literary and Specialized Translation courses.


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Prof. Diana Hirschfeld Venzlaff, MA
Coordinator of the Applied Linguistics Undergraduate Programme
Tel.: 5622 0690 Ext.: 297

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