1st summer school in Stuttgart

The main topic will be social entrepreneurship

As all the Mission:Enterprise seasonal schools it’s all about start-ups, enterprises and launching your own business. Nevertheless all seasonal schools in all four parts of the world will have a different focus. In Stuttgart we are going to focus on social entrepreneurship, so business ideas that have an impact on society, sustainability, environment and/or any other related topic.

These are the topics that we are going to tackle during the spring school:


How can I find my startup ideas?
How can I develop it?

Intercultural skills

How to work in intercultural teams

Preparing the mindset

Learn about social entrepreneurship and the attitude of founders

Business Modeling

All you need to know for setting up a sustainable and social business

Customer Journey and User Experience

Learn how to understand you customers and users


Without validation your startup idea is worth nothing


Also social startups need money: How can you make money with your idea?

Negotiation techniques & Pitch training

How to present your idea infront of investors

Team & conflict management

How do we work together? What can we do in a conflict phase?

And on the fun side?

We’re not going to talk only about startups, but have a deepdive into the startup scene.

Sightseeing in the innovative city of Carl Benz, Margarete Steiff and the founder of Universal Studios Carl Lämmle

Discover the hotspots of startups in Stuttgart

Startup talks: Get to know behind the scenes and valuable insights of local founders

Welcome Dinner & Farewell Party


Violetta Fasulo
0711 8923 2750

Dates Summer School Stuttgart: tba